Modern agriculture equipment list and price

Today, a variety of modern agriculture equipment and technologies are used in several agricultural operations. It is certainly true that learning these new technologies and knowing their actual price in the market is essential for farmers to have higher productivity in the field, so here’s a list of what needs to be known.

There are different levels in crop production – primary and secondary soil tillage, seeding and planting, cultivation, use and distribution of fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, irrigation, drainage, transport, storage, handling of past crop residues, and others.

Animals have been the main source of energy since ancient times when it comes to labor. Later, steam power began to change. Then diesel engines were followed by gas-powered tractors. The number of farmers decreased in developed countries, but agricultural production increased steadily with the use of agricultural machinery.

Technology in agriculture has changed and increased production and product quality. In modern times the farmers doing heavy work on the fields by using traditional and old farming tools are wasting their health and time. The tractor once known as the technical genius in agriculture is now old news. Modern agricultural machinery has advanced the agriculture industry to the best of its ability. Some essential and widely used machines are: combine or combine harvester, rotavator or rotary trailer, plough or plow, tractor-trailer, power harrow, leveler, water bowser, ripper machine, and harrow disc. Below are some of the latest agricultural machinery and their uses in agriculture, it is needless to say that many of the equipment mentioned below might be already discussed in our previous articles but let’s review their technical aspects on a deeper scale.

Plow or Plough

The plow, a basic tillage tool, acts as a tractor-attached tool and helps to cultivate the land efficiently. These remarkable agricultural machines are used to prepare the land during the planting season. Whether it is to completely convert a new land into a farm or simply to prepare an existing field for sowing seeds, different types of plows (mold plows, reversible plows, disc plows) allow farmers to turn the soil into a rich substrate and enhance the nutrients for better plant growth.

Combine Harvester

A large combine acts as a comb cutter for threshing as well as for cutting mature crops. The combine is one of the most advanced machines which helps the farmers by saving a considerable amount of time in harvesting activities.

The multi-crop combination is designed to be suitable for harvesting various cereals such as wheat, maize, barley, sorghum, soybean, oats, sunflower, and rice. A modern harvester speeds up the harvesting of multiple crops so that the fields can be open for the next crop in the shortest possible time, thereby this equipment increases the potential for production during this period.

Agricultural equipment

Rotavator or Rotary Tiller

A rotavator or rotary tiller is a versatile tillage tool that uses a series of blades to raise the soil. Rotating tillers are very popular among farmers for preparing seed beds in the fields. This equipment is mainly used for breaking soil in meadows, fields, gardens, etc. Due to its simple construction and high efficiency as a tillage tool, the use of rotating tillers in agricultural operations has increased significantly.


Rotavator or Rotary Tiller

Disc Harrow

Disk harrow is an essential tillage implement that farmers can invest in, to increase their production. This tillage equipment is also used in the secondary tillage process, as it helps to break down the soil mass more easily, efficiently, and quickly, giving it a rich surface while preparing the final seedbed. It also allows farmers to control weeds around plants after planting and growing crops.


These tractor tools make the soil more uniform, smooth, and even, enabling it to create a moist environment for crops and reduce the use of fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and fuels.

Disc Harrow


Modern farm equipment

Innovation is more important than anything else in agriculture. To serve this purpose, each area of ​​work needs some sort of update for better and more creative results. Smart work is essential for both agriculture and technology. Agriculture in old times was very rudimentary and simple and required a lot of manual labor and its production was not optimal. But now farmers have a much easier life, thanks to the new techniques and modern types of equipment designed for agriculture. The agriculture industry, in general, is facing challenges such as rising resource costs, labor shortages, and changing consumer preferences. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most essential occupations. Modern engineering along with new tractors and machines have made the agriculture industry one of the most efficient products. Unlike before, agriculture is not a small-scale production anymore and is done with large-scale machinery on thousands of hectares.

Disc Harrow

Mahour, An example of agricultural development

The hills were a more difficult target to operate in agriculture than the plains. Having a dynamic harvest and finding labor for agriculture were the main obstacles. Mechanical interventions were not done properly in the hilly areas of Mahour and even if they did happen, they were very expensive, and the farmers could not afford them. Not only men but also a large number of women farmers, have undergone a fundamental change after the introduction of modern equipment. Women have to take care of family as well as work and hence time has always been a constraint. Several projects were started especially for women farmers, following which this equipment was later given as a grant to the women farmers in Mahour and they are expected to produce value-added crops. After production or enhancement of a product, marketing is required, and this is done by people who provide all kinds of equipment free of cost.

According to research, there has been a significant increase in investment in agricultural technology over the past 10 years. About $6.7 billion has been invested in the last 5 years and $1.9 billion in the last year alone. Major technological innovations in this area are focused on various zones such as indoor vertical agriculture, automation and robotics, livestock technology, modern greenhouse practices, agriculture, artificial intelligence, and Chinese blockchain.

Modern agricultural technology and equipment are used to develop a wide range of production methods used by farmers. Tractors, combine harvesters, plows, planters, and UAVs are the most common equipment used on farms. The agricultural operations for which modern machinery is used are diverse. At the production stage, these include transportation, storage, pre-marketing, cultivation, seeding, planting, transplanting, pest control, harvesting, drainage, and irrigation.

Mahour, An example of agricultural development


Farm equipment prices

Inflation and global supply chain challenges are driving almost everything. The situation is even more complicated for farmers because the farm equipment costs have risen, but demand is still high. So why do farmers pay so much for equipment?

The reason for this can be found in the US Tax Code, which allows farmers to deduct a portion of their income when equipment purchase costs are incurred. Allow us to analyze what some experts and people active in the industry have to say about this situation going on in the market.

Dylan McClure represents sales and parts at Stone Farm Service in Greensburg. Many tractors in their segment are already sold out in final parts but are not yet shipped. That includes the biggest vehicle here and one of the largest in the Kubota fleet, a 150-horsepower model that sits here for weeks waiting for a set of dual tires.

“It’s not Kubota’s fault, but you know you can choose when you want it to be delivered, and many of those models will be available in June 2023, February 2023,” McClure said.

Short-term gains will force some farmers to roll the dice in 2022

He and other vendors say the difficulties in obtaining steel and computer chips for the larger models make it harder for them to get used to the services they use. While this type of supply chain challenge affects everything from a morning cup of coffee to your car, the situation is unique to farmers.

Mahour, An example of agricultural development

Many people bought seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs this year before inflation hit prices. Considering the strong harvest this fall, farmers are making more profits than usual. Buyers and experts say older equipment costs up to 30 percent more at auction.

“Farmers have disposable income, so they have money to spend it, and the tax laws are really good for buying equipment,” said Gary Schnitsky, a professor of agricultural management at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand.

Schnitkey says the newly applied prices are rarely falling. An analysis conducted in October showed that planting costs increased by 17 percent. Prices of tractors, combine harvesters and plows had also gone up.

Agriculture equipment list

If we have a look at the list of agriculture equipment and tools, we find many types of them. Agriculture as an important industry depends on many supplies. From the past to the present, few tools have been used permanently in the industry. With the passage of time and the occurrence of various changes, agricultural implements have been gradually improved. So today we see a lot of tools and equipment for farming.

The presence of some of these tools in agriculture is so essential that without them agricultural activities would not be possible. Some farm implements and equipment are also used to speed up and facilitate work. A lot of new equipment and machines can fall into this category.

There is another category of supplies and equipment that covers aspects of agricultural safety and security. Plastic shoes, overalls, gloves, etc. are some of the items used for protection.

Mahour, An example of agricultural development


most important tools in agriculture

In agriculture, simple and complex tools, equipment, and machinery are widely used. Today, everyone uses everything in agriculture, from a variety of hand and machine tools to simple and advanced machines, as well as simple but important safety equipment.

If we were to compile a list of agricultural supplies and tools, we would get a long list. However, we can also briefly list some of the most important agricultural equipment and supplies. Some of the most important and widely used agricultural implements, machinery, and equipment are:

Irrigation system equipment

No one can deny the fact that agriculture is a water-dependent activity. At present, various systems are used to irrigate fields. These are used in agricultural activities today, from traditional methods and tools to new systems. Farmers use different tools and equipment depending on the type of irrigation. Water pumps, sprinklers, hoses, taps, and drippers are just some of the accessories needed for an irrigation system.

Irrigation system equipment


Pest control is important in today’s agriculture. Either weeds or animal pests can have a devastating effect on crops. For this purpose, tools, and equipment such as sprayers have been used for many years. Spraying can be done in different ways and with different equipment.


Agricultural Truck

This simple tool is one of the most important agricultural necessities. Trucks are used to transport products and supplies. The wagons can be designed or built by the farmers themselves. A plow or plough can be a board, disc, or pen. With this equipment, the soil is softened and prepared for cultivation.


Planters are one of the most widely used agricultural tools. The unit is attached to the tractor and places the seed in the soil.


Other farm equipment and supplies

Different types of tools and equipment are used in agriculture as different products are produced in this industry with different specifications and various requirements. Differences in agricultural practices and climatic conditions are also the reasons behind the use of different equipment is necessary.

In this context, we can refer to simple equipment such as sickles, sprinklers, forks, rakes, hand plows, or heavy machineries such as bulldozers and tractor equipment such as harrows, cultivators, and loaders.

Other farm equipment and supplies

Safety equipment for agriculture

Personal safety and security are especially important in agricultural activities. Therefore, today a variety of tools and equipment are used to ensure agricultural safety. The list of agricultural supplies and equipment in the field of personal protection and security is as follows:

safety work clothes

plastic shoes




breathing mask

The characteristics of agricultural work clothes depend on the type of activity. When working in the fields and in the sun, work clothes with long collars and sleeves are essential to protect the skin from sun damage. Waterproof agricultural clothing is also very important, especially in rice fields and paddy fields, agricultural clothing should also be moisture-proof.

As we said, there exists a wide range of simple and complex tools, machines, and equipment for farming, gardening, and green spaces. These tools and machines can be classified according to various classifications. For this reason, various categories can be found in books and references in the field, none of which negate the other, and can only vary depending on the point of view of the respective author and we tend to speak about different classifications along with our personal views on the matter hoping that it will support you through your agricultural requirements.

Safety equipment for agriculture

Moreover, we would like to point out once again that we do not intend to reject any of the other classifications and respect every point of view and wish everyone in the industry all the very best.

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