Farm Hand Sprayer Premium Manufacturer

Sprayer is one of the practical tools for horticulture and home and industrial agriculture which can be purchased online from this online store. In recent years, the manufacturer of farm hand sprayer has prioritized quality and produces the highest quality products in the domestic and foreign markets. As you know, online shopping is one of the most widely used shopping methods. Therefore, you buyers can register your orders in the shortest possible time through this site.

Farm Hand Sprayer Premium Manufacturer

Features of the Farm Hand Sprayer

Features of the Farm Hand Sprayer Spraying is one of the most important tasks in horticulture and plant breeding and in the agricultural industry. Owners of businesses such as agriculture and horticulture need spraying to ensure and maintain the optimal condition of their products and plants. Spraying is necessary not only on a large scale, but also for parks, private gardens, backyards, etc. hand sprayer features include:

  1. They are easy and simple to spray on food and environments and small scales.
  2. Available in sizes from 2 to 25 liters, they are usually suitable for a few trees, shrubs and home gardens.
  3. Hand sprayers are very suitable for dealing with household insects and they are easy to carry.

It should be noted that agriculture hand sprayer is divided into different types according to the following characteristics:

  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Spray nozzles

The sprayers are classified in terms of capacity from 2.5 liters to 20 liters and have different working methods and different spraying power and intensity according to the capacity of the tanks. In 2.5-liter models, due to the body and small design, the hose is removed from the components of the device in general, and the nozzle and trigger are connected directly to the body.

How Do You Use a Farm Sprayer?

How Do You Use a Farm Sprayer? The field hand sprayer consists of a tank, a pump and a pump piston, and the piston is moved by hand inside the cylinder, dividing the air into two unequal parts as it moves forward. The piston enters one part of the air into the tank and sends the other part directly out of the small hole in the cylinder.

A narrow tube is installed inside the tank and the liquid enters the narrow tube through the pressure created by high air due to the movement of the piston, and at the end of the tube, due to collision with the second part of the air, it becomes very small particles.

The following points must be observed when using a hand sprayer:

  • You must wear special clothing when using the sprayer.
  • Keep a safe distance from the sprayer when using it.
  • Be sure to follow the safety tips and be careful when filling the sprayer tank or combining the poison with other chemicals.
  • The sprayer should be stored in a dark, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.
  • The air pressure in the tank may increase due to pumping. Do not open the sprayer in this situation. First spray a small amount of poison to reduce the pressure inside the tank, then you can open the sprayer door.

We Sales High Quality Farm Hand Sprayer at the Best Price

We Sales High Quality Farm Hand Sprayer at the Best Price The farm hand sprayer manufacturer, in order to increase the sales of its products, delivers this device directly and without intermediaries to the buyers in order to have a more reasonable price.

It is recommended to buy hand sprayers for small gardens and those who do not have much information about the use of pesticides. This simple device is suitable for beginners in spraying because it does not require training. Before buying a hand sprayer, it is necessary to pay attention to its technical specifications, features such as the material and capacity of its tank, whether the device is pumped or rechargeable, and other things mentioned.

Our website, as a specialized store of specialized agricultural tools and machines, has met the needs of people for this device. By buying hand sprayer online from our website, in addition to the reasonable price of the product, you will also benefit from its highest quality.

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