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Agricultural soil, if plowed with the right tools, causes the soil to be in good condition for agricultural production and the result is higher agricultural yields. For this purpose, prepare the appropriate tools from the Chisel Plough Premium Manufacturer and thereby prevent the formation of a Hard plow layer on the soil surface. This hard layer has many disadvantages for plants and soil structure and in the long run its damages increase. To prevent its formation, it is necessary for the soil to be plowed by a chisel plough. Direct supply of the latest models of this product by manufacturers and importers active in this market with cheap and very competitive wholesale prices due to the lack of intermediaries in the sale of products.

Chisel Plough Premium Manufacturer

What Is a Chisel Plough Used For?

What Is a Chisel Plough Used For? chisel plough is one of the conservation tillage tools that plays an effective role in maintaining soil moisture. In arid, semi-arid and rainfed areas, this device can help maintain soil moisture and prevent soil erosion. the main chisel plough uses are helps to loosen soil compaction and break hardened soils from reversible plough. This method is used in annual plantings. Usually the working depth of the plow is between 10 and 40 cm. With primary plowing, the basic materials needed for plant growth are provided and ventilation is done to the depth of the soil where the seedlings are placed.

Today’s chisel plough consists of two important parts, the chassis and the branches. Each branch in turn consists of a stem and a blade. Each chisel plough has two or three rows of branches, usually small rows of two rows and large rigs with three rows of branches. The branches of different rows are zigzagged (so that they are not facing each other) to the chassis, so that the debris can pass through them without any obstacles. The branches are attached to the chassis so that the distance between them is about 30 cm. The height of the chassis from the ground is about 70 to 80 cm and the distance between the beams (distance between rows of branches) is between 80 to 100 cm.

The various parts of the plow are made of heavy European cans with a thickness of 8 mm. All abrasion parts are made of manganese and silica steel. The adjustable plow wheel is made of steel, which is used to control the depth of plowing. The base of the plow or its chassis is basically made in different shapes and dimensions, and in this regard, they are divided into the following three types:

  • Long base
  • Intermediate base
  • Short base

The Difference between a Chisel Plough and a Ripper

The Difference between a Chisel Plough and a Ripper The difference between a chisel plough and a reversible plough is in the shape of their blades. But chisel plough have rod components that vary in number and shape instead of twisted plates. These components of the rod that cause the soil to scratch, not turn it over, are called ripper. The number of ripper installed on the chassis is determined according to the dimensions of the field.

Some of the chisel plough advantages are:

  • Less energy and fuel consumption per unit area
  • Increasing the speed of work and reducing the time of land preparation operations
  • Prevent soil reversal and evaporation of soil moisture
  • Possibility to change the distances between blades according to soil type and field conditions
  • Possibility of better penetration of rainwater into the soil
  • Proper return of moisture from the substrates to the root zone of the plant

The Best Price of Chisel Plough

The Best Price of Chisel Plough The best price for the production of agricultural implements depends on the quality of the product, since tools such as plows are composed of many parts and components, and the quality of these parts affects the final result and the cost price. As a chisel plough manufacturer and other agricultural implements, we try to offer the highest quality product at a reasonable price to respected farmers. For more information in this regard, you can apply through the consultation and order form. So that our experienced experts can provide you with the necessary information about different types of products.

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