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The discussion of the cost and price is not new for any of us here and while speaking of the agricultural equipment cost, there are some common factors to consider for combine harvester or any other piece of equipment moreover there exist some specific factors that vary from one machine to the other.

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The common factors have been frequently expressed in articles, throughout the web or journals or any of the other sources, for example, you will find every article suggesting you to scan your requirements and choose your product accordingly or putting forward some famous brands to lead you to a better purchase but only experts can really direct you to the authentic method of placing a productive and advantageous order.

Professionals do not simply suggest, they lead!

In short, experts are the flag bearers of the proverb “actions speak louder than words” because they prove themselves and then talk, coming back to our main subject, the combine harvester, and its cost, and more significantly the professional path to a dynamic purchase.

Judging by its name specifically the word combine implies towards this machine being multi-functional which it is. The combine harvester has a combined operation containing harvesting, threshing, and separating the seed from its stem which helps us to agree on this equipment designed to meet the needs of harvesting seedy products.

Putting combine harvesters into use is becoming more and more popular due to the effectiveness and advantage over other equipment available in its kind which is also because this machine proving to be fulfilling the purpose it was designed for, as we are all aware machines are intended for saving time and labor and adopting combine harvesters for operations has turned out to be least labor-consuming and most time-efficient.

Thus, we strongly suggest you to consider the combine harvester for your operations but it must be noted, that this equipment separates the seeds of agricultural products like wheat, oat, rye, grain, corn, and soya from their stems.

Furthermore, we consider it necessary to highlight that some implements are needed to be replaced for threshing, harvesting, and separating various products, this machine leaves the extra leaves and stems on the ground that can be applied for grazing farm animals.

Although a combine harvester is heavy agricultural equipment and usually invites a lot of expenses hence it is only helpful if you have a large piece of land.

Used combine harvester price

Opposed to popular thought, buying heavy used equipment like combine harvester may have a lower price which will seem pleasantly satisfying financially, but it won’t satisfy your agricultural requirements as per your expectations. Let us discuss the structure of combine harvesters to convince you.

The combine harvester is made up of the following components, although some of them differ because of being designed for other products, so let’s get to know the combine harvester technically:

Combine harvester structure includes prime mover, cylinder and cylinder head, fuel system, fuel feed pump, fuel filters, injection pump, fuel injectors, governor, pre-cleaner, air cleaner, exhaust, lubricating system, pump, heat exchanger, cooling system, radiator, starting system, electrical system, battery, starter, alternator, voltage regulator, lights, bars, horn, fuse box, other electrical accessories, wheel equipment, driving wheels, steering wheel, clutch, gearbox and differential, service brakes, parking brakes, pump, hydraulic cylinders, cutter bar assembly, cutting platform auger, undershot conveyor, threshing drum, concave, rear beater, baffle plate, straw walker, stepped grain pan, cleaning sieves, bottom sieve, blower, grain pan, grain conveying mechanism, bottom grain conveyor, gran elevator, upper grain auger, tailing conveying mechanism, bottom tailing auger, tailing elevator, grain tank, grain conveying auger, grain unloading auger, helper’s seat, canopy and the header transport trailer.

All these parts are affected along with their performance if pre-owned, and this matter is in fact quite predictable but still, the lower price of the used equipment misleads the people in the business but following what we have been saying about used equipment, we do not go along with the purchase of used equipment.

However, we have also stated that we understand the benefits of placing an order for used equipment and completely support this kind of choice because they are often made under special circumstances.

Used combine harvester price


John Deere combine harvester price

John Deere, a name that has been mentioned quite a few times in our previous articles because of its extraordinary products especially combine harvesters.

Although the price for John Deere combine harvesters is moderately high due to the John Deere brand value and let’s be honest the quality it offers but it is a disturbing reality that, the majority of people in the agricultural industry cycle are unable to afford these products. There are only a few limited regions that can equip themselves with this equipment and farm better which is mainly because of the location.

We admit that big names like John Deere have their own brand value because they own a certain style, but it is also their responsibility to protect the backbone of their business, the farmers!

They must adopt a strategy that doesn’t allow farmers to farm in better conditions and also it is evident that it is much easier for the people in some specific regions to buy these products while the people in other regions have to go through a whole importation process which obviously costs more, on the other hand, the imposed taxes by governments has also dragged the farmers to less comfortable conditions.

We hope that governments and companies stop this filthy game and put an end to this situation to let the agriculture world thrive.

Used combine harvester price


Harvester machine

It might be a little weird or even funny for you to see all we have talked about is the harvester machine and yet again we are going to talk about it under this heading, but there is a reason behind it, there is an aspect of this discussion left which primarily analyzes the different types of harvesting machines like manual machines, harvesting machine, and the combine harvesters.

We will try to talk about each of these machines in detail in some other article but for now, let’s continue speaking about combine harvesters.

We have got acquainted with combine harvesters, their operational method, their market value and what makes them different from other equipment but we didn’t mention anything about different kinds of combines.

Combine harvesters are divided into two groups; the vehicle combines and the tensile combines.

The vehicle combines are the most prevalent and accepted type of combines, this type doesn’t need any external force to operate, it is a powerful machine that can afford to handle the operations without any issues and usually has a cutting platform of 7 to 22 feet furthermore the vehicle combines are mostly applied in wide farms.

Allow us to be brief about the tensile combines, the tensile combines are manually operated combines that involve various kinds which we will talk about some other time.

Used combine harvester price

In the end, we would like to take this opportunity to say that we are proud to contribute to the combine harvesters’ trade in order to enable more mechanized and dynamic agricultural situation throughout the world.

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