7 Tine Chisel Plough at the Lower Price

A plow is one of the most important tools in tillage. Therefore, knowing the best plow is of special importance. The plow is used for plowing, subverting the soil, digging as well as preparing the planting ground for agricultural lands. The tool actually has one or more heavy steel blades that have sharp, inward-pointing tips that are often attached to the back of the tractor. There are different types of plows, one of which is the 7 tine chisel plough which is available in the market at reasonable prices.

7 Tine Chisel Plough at the Lower Price

Wholesale Distribution Of Multi Functional 7 Tine Chisel Plough

There are different types of plows including Lap plow، Plate plow، Chisel plow، Rotary plow، Plow breaker or chisel. The plow creates a groove in the soil that separates the soil from the ground and lifts and returns it, resulting in the following:

By plowing, part of the debris and crop residues are buried. Carrying out plowing leads to soil aeration and this has a significant impact on soil health and seed and root bed preparation. Agricultural implements such as plows increase the infiltration and flow of water into the soil. With the use of a plow, very interesting things happen to the soil, so that the weeds are either cut during plowing, uprooted or buried under the soil. Another advantage of plowing with the plow is the elimination of insects, their eggs, or larvae, which leads to clearing the soil and it will have a significant impact on the growth and development of plants. It causes the soil to mix with different types of fertilizers such as chemicals, livestock, and green manures. Finally, we can point out that it upsets the roots and underground tubers and brings them to the soil.

Chisel plough features are discussed in the following lines. The miner of this type is triangular and in the shape of a chisel. This plow is used when an impermeable layer forms in the soil. Semi-plowing is also done by a plow. It is a chisel or steel base pen with a sharp point and heel shape. Chisel plows, unlike reversible and plate plows, do not turn soil. Rather, like a simple Iranian plow, it penetrates into the soil and creates a groove in it only by penetrating it. The use of chisel plows is recommended only in cases where soil reclamation is not recommended (despite its benefits). By limiting surface evaporation, it is possible to create the necessary conditions for better penetration of water into the soil and proper storage of moisture in it.

Well Built 7 Tine Chisel Plough Bulk Price

There are different types of plows including Lap plow، Plate plow، Chisel plow، Rotary plow، Plow breaker or chisel. The materials used to make plow blades and other tillage implements are severely abraded by abrasive particles such as sand and gravel during plowing, and should therefore be made of materials with relatively high abrasion resistance.

On the other hand, the plow blade must be able to withstand the impact of hitting rocks and must be made of materials with sufficient strength to prevent cracking and failure. Because the material resistance decreases with increasing hardness as opposed to the abrasion resistance of the material. Therefore, the most appropriate choice is to determine the optimal values of these two features. Chisel plough blades are built for all these purposes. The product is being offered at a bulk price for customers around the world.

Note: Due to the non-turning of the soil by the Chisel plow, its tensile strength per unit width and at a certain depth is about half the tensile strength of the reversible plow. Therefore, if you do not need to bury the crop residues, using a chisel plow is more economical and the speed of working with it can be faster than a reversible plow.

Making Connection with High Credit Exporters of 7 Tine Chisel Plough

Due to the aforementioned issues, you are familiar enough with the chisel ploughs features. This plow is available in different sizes of small, medium, and large. The large type of this plow is used to open and break the underground layers of soil that have been compacted. This type of plow is produced in Iran and exported to other countries. Visit reputable sales sites to buy.


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