3 Tine Chisel Plough Premium Distributor

3 Tine chisel plough at the best prices, it can be found in most places where there are agricultural tools which is a widely used plow machine in agricultural machinery. Before doing anything for agriculture, the land must be plowed and turned upside down. This is done to improve soil conditions so that the weather can easily penetrate into the soil and plants or seedlings can grow well using a plowing machine. The use of plows not only at the time of planting and sometimes with the help of garden trees plows this machine.

3 Tine Chisel Plough Premium Distributor

What Are 3 Tine Chisel Plough Uses?

What Are 3 Tine Chisel Plough Uses? chisel plough Specifications It is their suction that connects to the front of the tractor. Drilling plows are used to make pits and dig swamps. The speed of this group of plows is very high and they are among the fastest and strongest plows. Drilling plows usually plow muddy and hardened soils. It is commonly seen that small drilling rigs are attached to these plows that do the drilling work.

These plows are used for deep drilling that cannot be done with ordinary Thai plows. Plowing the land with these plows has become very convenient. Another advantage of plowing with Thai drilling rigs is that it kills insects and their eggs, which leads to soil clearing, which will have a significant impact on plant growth. Plowing with plows causes the soil to breathe and the soil to ventilate. Water flow can also penetrate the soil better. But with the salient advantages, you must know some of the disadvantages as well.

What Are 3 Tine Chisel Plough Specifications?

What Are 3 Tine Chisel Plough Specifications? chisel plough benefits it’s a lot. In fact, the plowing machine is used as an independent machine as well as agricultural implements to dig the soil and pulverize the remaining clumps of the plowing stage, resulting in the growth and yield of crops and the growth of weeds. In the twentieth century, with the replacement of tractors, a large number of rows ready for plowing on agricultural land were plowed by machine. The cultivator blades are short, narrow, relatively curved, and similarly have steel parts with front plates that sink into the soil under pressure.

Weeds, which are native plants of each region and with a simple plowing machine, grow unintentionally in lands and gardens and prevent the growth of other crops and plants by consuming soil nutrients. These plants, which grow spontaneously at no cost, are widely used as fodder or animal food supplements. Sometimes these weeds with their thorns cause serious damage to the human body.

Plowing machine is one of the common tools used by farmers to control weeds. In fact, tiller has many uses, one of which is weed control. Tillers are used for plowing large arable lands using hand tools but can not be used as a substitute for plows. The plow operates in such a way that the plow is at the top of the initial tillage. The purpose of plowing is to make favorable physical changes in the soil to improve crop growth conditions. Plows have been plowing tools for thousands of years and produce seedbed and rootstock.

Supplier of the Latest Models of 3 Tine Chisel Plough

Supplier of the Latest Models of 3 Tine Chisel Plough chisel plough distributor With high quality and mainly in Iran, it tries to keep pace with the developed countries of the world, all kinds of tools and agricultural tools such as blacksmith plow and other related products using high quality raw materials and using modern industrial machinery. Many people work in modern plow factories at reasonable costs and use their knowledge and expertise in this field to produce quality products. Therefore, using skilled labor in all stages from production to distribution and sales leads to higher efficiency and consequently more profit for producers. Economic prosperity and job creation will also make significant progress in this cycle.


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  4. I pulled this behind a Honda UTV and it did the job, in combo with a plow to grade my driveway. However, three of the teeth have come off and I will be using a sledge hammer to get them back in shape for next season.

  5. Before you start doing anything on your field you should plow the land. In that case these kind of machines.
    This will ease the farming process.

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  7. The Reversible Plough is a unique implement, which is directly mounted to the tractor. This is a hydraulically operated basic implement for preparation of land. It is very useful in hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition and in soil where scouring is a problem.

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  12. plowing machine is used as an independent machine as well as agricultural implements to dig the soil and pulverize

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  19. As I understood there are so many benefits for this product such as Loosening and aerating the soil.
    Reducing the effects of compaction.
    Loosening of the hardpan, which is a hardened, impervious layer of soil that impairs drainage and crop growth. I think it’s possible for me to buy them in bulk.

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  21. Agricultural machinery and equipment help farmers produce the goods that consumers want and need. Without the proper machinery and equipment, farmers would not be efficient enough to provide the food, clothing, and shelter that we need.

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  31. The good thing about this product is that we can speed up the plowing process of our lands and plow more space in a very short time. I have better soil and more fertile soil since I plow my fields with this product

  32. Indeed, the ploughing machine is employed as a standalone machine as well as agricultural implements to excavate the soil and pulverise the residual clumps from the ploughing stage, resulting in crop development and yield as well as weed growth. With the replacement of tractors in the twentieth century, a great number of ready-to-plow rows on agricultural land were ploughed by machine. Weeds, which are endemic to each place and can be ploughed with a simple machine, develop unintentionally in lands and gardens, preventing the growth of other crops and plants by devouring soil nutrients. A ploughing machine is one of the most frequent weed-control tools used by farmers.

  33. As you know in agriculture before taking any action the land must be plowed and turned upside down. This is done to improve soil conditions. This article remind me the photo of farmer who plowed the ground with animals but today technology makes the life much more easier.

  34. quality and price are very important ingredients of every product. There is rule in the business: better quality means higher price. But Iranian products have better quality and reasonable price.

  35. There 3 bars models and 2 bars model, the chisel plow is a very basic economic implement that in many cases has been the primary tillage tool.

  36. I wonder whether I need this plough for my small farm. I mean, could these ploughs be used on small farms?

  37. Is it possible to buy just one blacksmith plow?
    I need to buy one but I cannot find Iranian one. My friend 5 years ago bought one of them which was second-hand and he is very satisfied but I cannot find now here.

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  42. In the early 19th century, animals were the chief source of power in farming. Later in the century, steam power gained in importance. During World War I gasoline- (petrol-) powered tractors became common, and diesel engines later became prevalent. In the developed countries, the number of farm workers has steadily declined in the 20th century, while farm production has increased because of the use of machinery. Consult Ayesh Co. Experts Now if You want Your farm to be fully mechanized.

  43. i just recieved my tine chisel plough last week and im using it every day and night the nails are sharp and anti corrosive . hereby i send my special thanks to the producer for making things so eas for farmers like me.

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  45. Due to the fact that Iran is a strong supplier in the field of production of Tine Chisel Plough, please inform us about the price and export conditions of Iranian device

    • Hi dear Raymond!
      On our site is a form that allows you to request information. If you have any questions, our experts will be able to assist you.

  46. Easy to assemble, very rugged. I have very tough soil filled with rocks, and the teeth did not bend or break. Very well manufactured.

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