16 18 disc harrow tractor attachment price

There exist a few terms for harrow as a tractor attachment in the market like rotary tiller, rotavator, and so forth. The price for this tractor implement revolves around multiple factors, for example, a 16 disc harrow attachment might cost more than an 18 disc harrow so the number of discs has a quite decisive role in the price of this attachment since it is supplied in various dimensions.

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Other factors like the chosen tractor, the brand, and so forth have a major impact on the price too.

Harrows that are also known as rotavators or the rotary tillers are applied for tillage and seedbed preparation, this equipment has a different function when compared with plows because this device shears the soil with a specified depth and mixes the contents, also the movement of the blades in plows is horizontal while the harrows have a rotary movement.

Another beneficial change that this equipment carries is that it doesn’t ruin the water stored in the soil and lets the humidity of the soil to subsist and considering the shortage of water resources throughout the world and sixty percent of the water resources damaged through the agricultural industry, putting such equipment into use is important.

Old harrow for sale

The feeling we have for old stuff for sale is no secret and old harrow is no exception to that. The reason that we are not so in favor of old equipment and still keep talking about them or might even take part in such trade although very rarely is that they have a considerable percentage of the market to their name. This clearly shows that there is a huge audience that demands old equipment for their requirements and traders are bound to operate in the second-hand equipment industry for securing their profits and more importantly, maintaining a standard for the used equipment sales too because every used equipment doesn’t qualify to be resold again.

Furthermore, as we have always mentioned, old equipment are only applicable in a few situations for example; if farmland is small in size, old equipment can be a good option, or in situations where the farmer is not familiar with the machine and needs to check if he can farm under the new conditions or not. When you look carefully at these situations you can comprehend that most of them do not require machines with high efficiencies, it is just a matter of getting the job done, no matter how!

Hence, we do not suggest old equipment for purchase since they are not meant for efficient professional agriculture processes although they are cost-efficient and can’t be completely overlooked since they have a noticeable share in the agricultural equipment market.

Old harrow for sale

Tractor implements list

Speaking about the tractor; the most effective and useful agricultural equipment due to fulfilling multiple purposes by supporting numerous implements regarding which we will provide you a list.

Tractors and their implements are widely popular since they have contributed to various steps in the farming process, thus here is a list of the tractor implements and their usage throughout the agricultural cycle.

Old harrow for sale

  1. Harrow/Rotary Tiller/Rotavator: As mentioned earlier, a rotating tiller will be your best friend when you need to grow your cover crop or prepare an old hard field for new crops. The curved hooks cut the soil deeply and turn it upwards, creating a new layer of loose soil that is ready to accept the seed.
  2. Box Blade: A blade box with a scarf is one of the basic tools that tractor owners always use. This versatile tool has a simple design that is pulled by the back of the tractor. The blades sink into the ground and then spread the material in a smooth, even layer. This tool is great for building roads or paths as well as leveling gravel for parking. The blade of the box helps to get rid of speculations and basically unsure guesses about clearing and leveling the ground.
  3. Cutter/Mower: A mower or cutter is made to cut weeds completely or to a controllable extent. Depending on the height and style of your tractor, this tool can be used for lawn mowing, picking baseball fields, or digging up cheating turf before the fire season. These tools are useful for those who have acres to breed and an intensive schedule to do so.
  4. Head Point Loader: The loader is a very useful tool for any tractor owner, its reinforced design allows you to attach it to a loader pallet, bucket, or other types of equipment to get the most out of it. Whether you want to move a large pile of compost or take pallets out of your trailer, running a loader will help you from time to time.
  5. Back Blade: The back or rear blade, like the box blade, helps to align the material. The rear blade, which is attached to the back of the tractor, moves the tractor backwards, thus shredding the main layer of material. This can be useful for grading roads, smooth tracks, or even snow removal.
  6. Post Hole Digger: When you have a lot of fences to install, you want the right tools for the job a that is the post hole drilling tool, a large helix that creates deep, perfectly round holes when needed quickly. You can often install an even larger spiral to plant things like shrubs and trees, making it a useful tool for landowners.
  7. Snow Blower: It is not snowing much here in Georgia, but a snow blower is necessary for those who receive snowfall. A snowplow or a snow blower can clear a large amount of road or property of snow in almost no time. That’s much better than trying to clean your drive with a snow shovel!
  8. Ground Plane: The ground plane is useful for leveling roads or other surfaces, following the path of the rear blade and box blade, This Implement Works well with sand, clay, and other materials. It can be used to level the workplace, build or maintain a road, and more. Adding to its advantages its more precise design gives it greater elegance and control in many functions.
  9. Pallet Forks: Pallet forks are great for people who carry large quantities of pallets. While their large size and zero-motion immobility usually make tractors unsuitable for warehousing, a pallet fork allows you to carry boxes to your fields or pick them up from a truck with minimal effort.
  10. Spreader: It doesn’t matter whether you sprinkle salt on the roads or sow the seeds in your field, the spreader is a great tool for this. The diffuser uses a large funnel filled with the material to disperse and then a spinning wheel to throw the material in a single layer alongside the back of the tractor. Extremely useful for various purposes.


Old harrow for sale

You can also find a more distinct and detailed list of the tractor implements below, this list digs deeper into the attachments of the tractors along with some brief descriptions about them.

  • Land Preparation Tractor Implements:
    1. Multi-Functional Tillage Unit: MAT is a versatile tractor tool for various intercropping operations like weeding, loosening, plowing, tillage, and seedbed formation.
    2. Delux MB Plow: Green system Deluxe MB Plow enables you to break, loosen, mix, and rotate hard soil pans effectively.
  • Drilling Rig: Green System Drilling Rig is a piece of tractor equipment developed for primary and secondary tillage; it is important to mention that this attachment is also know as the chisel plow.
  1. Subsoiler: This environment-friendly subsoiler is suitable for loosening and breaking the hard pan in the soil for deep tillage.
  2. Puddler Cum Leveler: Designed for ground preparation (puddling) The green system puddle leveler is a great solution for wet ground purposes. It is specially designed for seedbed preparation for rice grafting. This tractor implementation is most compatible with John Deere 5000 series tractors.
  3. Laser Leveler: The Laser Leveler is a state-of-the-art tractor junction that uses a laser beam, that is conducted to flatten the ground at certain degrees of inclination to the surface. It is the best tool for farms similar to paddy potato farms.
  • Single bottom MB plow: The Single Bottom MB Plow is an efficient early tillage tool. It brings fresh nutrients to the surface while trapping crop residues. This ventilates the soil and allows it to retain moisture better. This farm equipment is suitable for the crops sugarcane, cotton, soybean, gram, maize, millet, and wheat crops. It is more suitable for soft and medium soils.
  • Disc Plough: Green System Reversible Plow Disc is specially developed as a land preparation solution for sandy and abyssal fields. More suitable for wheat, sugarcane, maize, rice, and millet crops. Capable of cultivating all types of soil.

Old harrow for sale

  1. Cultivator: Cultivator is useful in land preparation. Cultivators are suitable for a wide variety of soil types ranging from soft and medium soils to rocky and coarse soils. This agricultural equipment is suitable for a variety of products.
  2. Check Basin Former: Pre-basin investigation is very effective for land preparation. This tractor implement is suitable for hauling products like Onion, Garlic, Groundnut, Coriander, and Vegetables.
  3. Power harrow: A power harrow is useful in land preparation. This tractor attachment reduces the number of passes required to prepare the seed bed. Suitable for crops like wheat, maize, sugarcane, millet, legumes, and oilseeds. This farming equipment is best suited with soft and medium soils.
  • Green System Rotary Tiller: Whether you are plowing a lawn or preparing a large-scale seed bed, Green System rotary tillers offer excellent versatility and performance.
  • Paddy Special Rotary Tiller: This Rotary tiller is useful in land preparation for paddy by being efficient in preparing seed beds for paddy transplantation. This agricultural equipment is suitable for other paddy products as well.
  • Hydraulic Two-sided MB plow: MB two-sided hydraulic plow is suitable for ground preparation. It helps to break down hard soil surfaces and reverse crop stubble. This tractor equipment is ideal for crops like sugarcane, cereals, oilseeds, legumes, cotton, or other crops that have medium and hard soils. It is specially designed for John Deere 5000 Series Tractors.

Old harrow for sale

  1. Post Hole Digger: Post Hole Digger is specially designed tractor implement which digs pits for planting purposes and fencing while preparing the land. It helps to dig holes 800-1300 mm deep for fencing the field. This tractor equipment is suitable for mango, coconut, pomegranate, teak, lemon, and apple orchards moreover, it is Compatible with a variety of soils.
  • Sowing and Planting Tractor Implements:
    1. Super Seeder: Super Seeder is a three-in-one solution offered to increase the efficiency and income of farmers by combining the three functions of tillage, planting, and seed cover, and is primarily recommended for planting wheat in paddy fields. It also helps in curbing pollution as it provides an eco-friendly solution to the burning of paddy straws.
    2. Seed cum Fertilizer Drill: The fertilizer drill is a special method for sowing seeds. This versatile tractor has the capability of sowing different seeds and using fertilizer at the same time. Suitable for crops like wheat, maize, oilseeds, soybeans, legumes, and millets in all soil types.
  • Vacuum Planter: The several functioned vacuum planter helps in planting and sowing. Furthermore, it provides high accuracy in planting many crops like cotton, maize, soybean, and cereals. This agricultural equipment is suitable for all types of soil.
  1. Roto seeder: Roto seeder is a piece of efficient agricultural equipment for seeding and planting. It is a special solution for sowing wheat and has a two-in-one rotary tiller for tillage and a seeder that helps in the sowing of wheat seeds. This tractor implement is compatible with every type of soil.
  2. Mechanical planter: Multi Crop Mechanical Planter is a piece of agricultural equipment for planting and seeding. It Ensures uniform grain spacing and depth. This equipment is suitable for many more mixed crops like cotton, maize, soybean, groundnut, sunflower, sorghum, wheat, and legumes in all types of soil. It is specially designed for 3000 and 5000 series of John Deere tractors.
  • Crop Care Tractor Implements:
    1. Fertilizer Broadcaster: Fertilizer Broadcaster is specially manufactured for product care and helps to fill the soil with nutrients by evenly spreading fertilizers. This tractor equipment is suitable for hauling wheat, maize, millet, potato, sugarcane, and other vegetables, it is also Compatible with a variety of soils.
    2. Air Blast Sprayer: Air Blast Sprayer is an ideal product to take care of your crop. This tractor attachment is used for precise spraying of agricultural chemicals on crops. This is the best product for vineyards and garden products such as grapes, pomegranates, apples, chicory, and oranges. This technology enhances performance and improves product quality. It is most compatible with 3000 John Deere series tractors.

Old harrow for sale


Disc harrow is primary tillage implement

The disk harrow and its duty in the primary tillage operation as a tractor implement has been demonstrated quite well in this article but there are a few implements that haven’t been discussed yet.

Keeping that in mind we would like to make remarks about the remaining tractor attachments to finish this article on good note.

So let’s get on the road; the last category in the tractor tillage implement is the “manage” category which includes:

  • Ratoon Manager: The ratoon Manager helps in the management of the sugarcane crop and facilitates ratoon harvest for the next season. This tractor tool helps to cut the old root network. It is best suited for medium and hard soils and is specially designed and aimed for 5000 John Deere series tractors.
  • Square Baler & Rotary Rake: This particular tractor implement is a combination of square and rotating plows for ensuring straw management requirements such as sugarcane crops and paddy fields.
  • Round Baler: The Compact round baler provides a great solution for paddy crop debris management. It enables farmers to shovel, transport and store straw. It is specially developed for John Deere 5000 Series Tractors.
  • Flail Mower: Flair Mower has been specially developed for waste management in orchards and vineyards. It breaks down the remaining crop residue into smaller pieces, resulting in easier decomposition near the root zone. This tractor equipment is suitable for hauling high-value products such as grapes, pomegranates, apples, chicos and oranges. It is compatible with all soil types and is suitable for John Deere 3000 series tractors.
  • Mulcher: Mulcher is a piece of low-maintenance tractor equipment for rice residue management. This valuable tractor attachment Increases crop productivity and converts harvested paddy straw into natural fertilizer. This farming equipment is specially designed for John Deere 5000 Series Tractors.

Old harrow for sale

We feel proud to announce that our company has enabled a trade that allows us to supply these implements throughout the world to have the time on our side in order to have a bright future for the agricultural industry.



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